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Thunder radar blitzortung!

Rain radar rain snow radar

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No particular awareness of the weather is required.    There are no Weather-warnings

Current status of the weather systems used in the operation of this website

Station system is up for 8 days 12 hours 50 minutes 10 seconds

This station uses Weather Display (version 10.37S b 90) software for weather conditions reporting

This software runs on a My Computer computer

  Component Status Age
Latest update time as of 
22-02-2019 16:09 
 WD live uploadWD/clientraw.txt Current 0:00:02 22-02-2019 16:09
 Steelseries gauges uploadWD/customclientraw.txt Current 0:00:49 22-02-2019 16:09
 Weather data files uploadWD/testtags.php Current 0:00:04 22-02-2019 16:09
 Weather data time 22-02-2019 16:10 Current 0:00:-4 22-02-2019 16:10
 graphs uploadWD/dirplot.gif Current 0:00:03 22-02-2019 16:09